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What is a ride?

A ride is a journey via taxi, bus, subway, or car. With SoMo, you can create a solo or shared ride to any destination and choose who you want to ride with.

What is a Gathering?

A Gathering is an event defined by location, time, attendees and intent. There are three types of Gatherings:

  • Private Gathering: A Gathering that specific individuals are invited to, for example, a wedding or a birthday party.
  • Public Gathering: A Gathering that is open to all SoMo users, for example, a concert.
  • Shareable Gathering: A Private Gathering that can be shared directly with anyone, by anyone via a shareable link.
What is a Group?

You can segment your contacts into Groups in order to easily send Gathering invitations. For example, you can create a Group for your co-workers and in just one tap, invite them all to your recurring Gathering for your morning ride to work. Groups are perfect for family, friends, colleagues, and more.

When will I receive notifications in SoMo?

In order to receive notifications in SoMo, you'll need to have push notifications enabled. You'll receive notifications when you're invited to a Gathering, when you're invited to a ride, when there are updates to your ride, or when you're invited to join a group.

How often can a Gathering be updated?
A Gathering can be updated by the organizer or by a person who is offering a ride. A Gathering page does not update automatically. To refresh, swipe vertically down your screen.

navigation and location

Why can't I find my destination in SoMo?

SoMo uses HERE Technologies maps which are continuously being updated. If you have specific questions or comments, please contact our support team at mobility_support@here.com.

Why don't have I have an ETA from the taxi I ordered?

SoMo receives this information directly from taxi companies, so if there is no ETA listed, the taxi company did not provide one.

Can I use a point of interest instead of an address?

Yes. If you have specific questions or comments, please contact our support team at mobility_support@here.com

I received a message that says SoMo can't find a route for me. What does that mean?

You may have received this message because you don't have a GPS signal. SoMo requires cellular network reception in order to work properly.

Where can I use SoMo?

SoMo is currently up and running in the following cities.

privacy and general issues

SoMo is running slowly on my phone, how can I improve the loading speed?

SoMo requires fair network reception and a GPS signal in order to work properly. Please check that your phone is properly connected to a data network or WiFi signal.

Can I share a Gathering with my friends via a 3rd party app?

Yes, but in order to protect your privacy, SoMo users can only share public Gatherings or shareable Gatherings.

Is there a way to chat with people inside the app?

At this time, there is no chat capability within SoMo.

Is SoMo GDPR compliant?

SoMo is 100% committed to data protection and is GDPR compliant.

Does SoMo share my location and data with any third-party companies?

We do not share your data with anyone, but we do anonymize your details and use it internally in order to improve our services.

basic functionality

I'm experiencing issues signing up or logging into SoMo.

If you're having difficultly signing up or logging in, follow these steps:

  1. Check that the phone number you've entered is correct.
  2. Check that you did not miss a text message from SoMo in your message inbox.
  3. Check your local carrier and data plan. Then, try and register again.
  4. If the above steps did not help with the registration process, please contact our support team at mobility_support@here.com.
I'm attending a Gathering, but all the rides heading there are full. What should I do?
You can invite more friends to the Gathering and encourage them to create a ride, or you can get there via public transportation or taxi.
Can I change my pickup point in a ride that I have joined?
Once a driver accepts your ride request or begins the drive, you can only change your pickup point to one of the approved pickup points. Changing to a new pickup point requires approval from the driver.
Can I edit the Gathering details after creating it?
You can edit almost every detail of a Gathering (except visibility and frequency) before rides have been added. Once rides have been added to a Gathering, you can only edit your note and invite additional guests.
Can I see the name and phone number of others sharing the ride I recently joined?
This feature is not yet supported, but it is part of our roadmap. We'll update our FAQ when this feature is available.
How can I create a ride to and from an event?

On the Gathering's page, you'll find a section called Your ride. Here, you'll see two tabs: Going there and Coming back. Tap Plan Your Ride within the Going there tab to create a ride that's going to an event. Tap Coming back to move tabs, and tap Plan your ride to create a ride that's heading back from an event.

Can I see details of the passenger I'm picking up?
Yes. You can see a passenger's name and avatar when you accept a pickup request. Once you accept a ride request, only the avatar of the passenger will be displayed.
Can I contact a ride organizer?
At this time, it is not possible to contact a ride organizer.